Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Letter

I don't remember the last time I got a handwritten letter delivered to my home. The only letters that come home addressed to me are either my admit cards for exams or some random bank related documents. I don't remember the last time I held a letter in my hand, in anticipation of what might be written in the letter.

I love surprises. Maybe I am romantically filmy at times or I live in a part-imaginary world. And I am forever hopeful that someday, a wonderful surprise will come my way. I'm fascinated by the very thought that the contents of the letter may make me incredibly happy, or they may be just mundane updates, but the fact that someone has taken time out to write a letter and address them to me, makes even such boring updates special.

In fact, times have come where i'd rather text someone, unless it is absolutely necessary to call and talk. I'm not blaming anyone here. I'm mostly a loner in real life, though I love company and I crave for friends. I'm still a loner, with very few friends. Also, letter writing for most of them was the 7-10 marks question in English exam. Once school and college is over, no one wrote the letters.

And then there are emails. But there was a time I wrote long emails in great details. To my sister who was in US. Between 2000 and 2003. Long, long emails with painful details of what has been going on in the house, the relative gossip, the new pranks I've played on grandmother, the new ways dad has found to irritate me, or how mum reacts to the crappy soaps she has recently discovered. But then, even they stopped once she returned.

I can almost imagine how an envelop will feel in my hands, with my name and my address written on it, not sure what the contents would be. The smell of paper, the way words are written, does the person cut the 't' properly? how does he write his 'g' and his 'a'? does he write print or in pretty cursive writing? how am i addressed? Dear? how does the letter end? with love? lots of love? love and hugs? hugs and kisses? forever yours?

I would love to receive letters.

Maybe I should start by sending out one :-)

Lots of love,



Nishal Joseph said...

'lso, letter writing for most of them was the 7-10 marks question in English exam'... brilliant!!

i agree the social media has killed the charm of letters and greeting cards.i school the concept of 'penpal'(again a pet question for english exams) used to excite me alot.

i recently came across a post on twitter by @silv3rglee, asking to send her postcards related to the city we reside. was good interesting activity.have sent her two, not sure if she has received them. here is the link to her post http://silv3rglee.blogspot.com/2011/08/send-me-postcard.html

may be, you too can invite applications for penpals till the the time 'the one' comes in to picture :)

ra(n)tified arghya's blog said...

GWEN DE FELDMAN wrote regarding this lost art of letter writing:
When each long-awaited letter finally does arrive,
rekindling memories, it keeps the treasured friendship alive.
Across the miles, such smiles and joy are spread
to hear from one's friend in good old-fashioned lead.
It's a real pity honestly that in this mechanical age,hardly anybody takes the physical pain of penning a letter...is it lack of time or merely an inability to express ur opinions coherently which has been tailor made for 140 words tweet or sms,or atbest the perfunctory hies and the hallo in facebook.The old world quaint charm of receiving a letter,and then preserving it in a desk or within a book is long gone and checking on it at periodic intervals is long over....

Sunil said...

I have written long mails on blue inland(anter-desi) letters. i had to pre plan what and where to write as space was limited. also it used to suck if you made a mistake and had to scratch.
now there is facebook twitter blogs and internet :)

Nalin Mehra said...

lemme know ur postal frnds.... may be we can becum great pen-pals