Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Second Chance

Opportunity doesn't knock twice.

Says who?

And why shouldn't opportunity not knock again? Isn't realisation and making good of your mistake all the part of the bigger scheme of the universe or something like that?

We all deserve a second chance. In fact, I've been reading a lot about Karma lately, and even that is all about second chance. In that case, the second chance lasts even beyond one lifetime.

There are two kinds of relationships. One you are born with, other you choose. While we may choose not to live with/stay away from the ones we're related to, at some point, we do indulge them, and get back to them despite all the differences. Because we just love them, and deep inside that we know that sometimes, even we took them for granted. So we are ready to give them a second chance.

Then there are the ones we choose. Friends, good friends, very good friends, more than friends, so on and so forth. We choose to be with them, because we connect to them on certain level. So yes, they have annoying quirks too. At first, we like them, *because* of those quirks, then we like them, *despite* those quirks, then we *tolerate* those quirks, and lastly, we can't take those quirks anymore and we leave them. Right. So those quirks were perhaps too much, and too difficult to live with, but then, how many times did you try talking about it? Did you ever try make that person realise how deeply you get hurt? Yes, so old habits die hard, some of them are so extreme that you wonder the rate at which the moods oscillate, how come the mind hasn't fallen off! But if once, the person realises that problem is him/her, you do give them another chance, right, especially when you love them so much?

But you know, more than all that, I think the most important thing is, to give yourself another chance. Just because you've been deeply hurt once, doesn't mean that you don't give happiness another chance. So you had something beautiful with someone, and it doesn't exist anymore, so why not move on and start things afresh? Why should your past be so overpowering that you don't even give your future a second chance? I know it can't be easy, and its easy for me to sit in the comfort of my room, lying on the bed, write this post, but for someone who has actually been through it, it's not as easy as it appears to be. I'm not even saying that it's easy. All I am saying is, how hard is it to give yourself a second chance?

Yes, so there might be some strings attached, but that doesn't mean that those strings can't overlap... At times, all it requires is a little bit of courage and loads of faith.

Everyone deserves that happiness.

Everyone deserves that second chance.

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jedi said...

Everyone deserves a second chance. Surely. Easier said than done though, like you also mentioned. Sometimes there is so much at stake, so many people involved that it gets overwhelming. Responsibilities are a terrible thing. Can't keep everyone happy at the cost of your own happiness though, either. All about opportunity and circumstances I guess.