Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Should Hazare Mind His Own Business

Dear Anna Hazare,

What's up!? How's your visit to the state going? So I see you are kinda shocked about the degree of corruption in the Land of Gandhi... So about that, I have a few pointers for you.

Corruption is a national problem, along with poverty, unemployment, terrorism, et al. India, as a country is facing a lot of shit from everyone.. I'm not saying that corruption is not an important problem we've to tackle, but dude, it's not the only problem we've to tackle. You need to realise that none of the problems could be solved in isolation - they're all interlinked.

Also, on a personal note, I find your so called 'crusade' against corruption quite superficial. I see your move as coercion and an easy way to get into politics. I would support the cause, but the means to it - fast unto death - is a kind of tantrum I throw when my mom doesn't let me try my hand at baking in her kitchen. So I tell her, she can keep her kitchen and her food, and eat it herself, I will not eat. So after a point, she sees me sulking in my room, comes up my favourite snack and tells me, 'chal, beta, let's bake the cake you want to'. Of course, when she tells me that, what she means is, that 'i'll allow you to enter my kitchen, and you tell me what all ingredients you need, and i'll make it for you, you stand there and watch, because, it's my kitchen, and i don't even allow my own daughter to make it dirty'.

So you see, when that girl offering you lemonade, it's like the central government has done to you what my mom does to me.

See how clueless the girl here looks? You got to be blind to not notice that all this is a whole lot of show to garner publicity.

So while you were fasting, you praised Narendra Modi and how his government should be used as an example for rest of the country to follow. A lot of your *followers* were upset about your comments, because you know, Modi is the modern day Hitler.. and whatever happened in 2002 was nothing short of holocaust, right? Also, the state is so super unsafe that women get raped by policemen or by autodrivers, right? Also, the state highways and the national highways in the state are so lame, with just 6 to 8 lanes, minus the potholes!

Of course, it took you just a month's time to realise that your opinion on Modi was completely wrong and based on false facts provided by the government! The land of Gandhi suddenly turned into the land of scams! Here I do not want to comment on the scams part of it, because really, I do not have that much time and patience to do the research and gather all facts to prove my point, but I do have a problem with calling Gujarat the Land of Gandhi. I agree that Gandhi was perhaps one of the most influential leaders India had, but that just ends there. He was not the only one. And he was definitely not the only one born in Gujarat. Yea, so we time and again use his name for random comparisons, like, "illegal liquor found in the land of Gandhi", or "riots in the land of Gandhi". For once, let me clarify, it is not the land of Gandhi. It is the land of people who live here. Gujarat belongs to all of us, and all of us belong to Gujarat. Stop using Gandhi's name in everything that comes up! How come no one talks the same about "Land of Buddha" when they talk about Bihar (he got enlightened there). How come no analogies are brought in then?

So tell me, were you hallucinating then (because of lack of food) or have you changed your statement now so as to appease your followers? And I thought only twitter users worried about the follower count and became more politically correct when their follower count increases! Oh, or are you expecting to contest elections in 2014?

Anyway, listen, you're old enough to be my grandpa, so I'll not stoop down and insult you, but seriously, try not to get too involved in politics.. you'll never know when you and your name will get used, and all that you ever stood and fought for will go to waste. Keep your dignity intact.


No hard feelings, ok?

ps - I read you said that you took the 6 wickets, in the 2G scam.. I hope you realise that #SirUMadeLakhs jokes were created months before Hungry Hazare came up, right? As I said, keep your dignity intact.. and stop hallucinating. Really, it helps, #TrueStory


Amit said...

Hi Nirwa, hope all is good. A few comments -

Please tell us why is the post so full of comments that are meant to hurt a person? a person who is trying to do something good (questionable yes!).. may be not in a way that you want it to be, but in his own way he is trying?

yes everyone knows that whole gamut of probs are interrelated.. so y he chose corruption alone? talk to him :) understand him completely and then if required publicly comment on him

I mean there r many others that u could have written about (with the intention of negating etc) like I do not know - Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin etc etc.. Why do you have to chose Hazare? someone who for a change stood to o something... may be for his own intense, personal political desires.. again please talk to him.. be with him.. understand him..

As I read what you have written all i can do is hope that people start to see positives, start to appreciate others efforts.. their motives.. and if anything is wrong be part of the movement and mend it..

Thanks (no hard feelings :)

Nirwa Mehta said...

Hey, Amit! :-)

Okay, I have no issues with the cause he has taken up, but I don't agree with his means.

Also, his changing views on politicians is quite interesting.. a month back, he was praising modi government.. i'm not saying that modi govt is free from the wrong things, but then, from what it appears as a third person, it seems as if he changed his statements and his position in a month's time.. as if he has said it to appease his followers..

I wonder if he realises that he has managed to garner all political publicity.. and he might be just used for his name?

He is one person who should stay away from politics, because it will bring him down, and all good that he has ever stood for, will go waste!

And why I chose Hazare - because, he's nice.. :) I didn't write this to degrade him.. :-)

Amit said...

:) this clarifies a lot, thanks.. yes, you may be right. Let me make a generalized statement - One thing i have learnt is that these people (gandhi, hazare, bose etc etc) shoulder a lot of burden.. from afar they look like independent soldiers fighting the system.. but if u go closer u will see how many sleepless nights they spend (coz they can see the system, in this case govt and corps, laughing hard at them and their endeavors).. they are bound to falter, more than we common people do :) some still manage to keep going..

Shiv said...

Liked your post! It's honest.

Madhu said...

Naive and stupid should sum it up? You are fully in doubt & without conviction, but confident opinions. Period.

We all have ideas, there are only a few to execute. You have a free account to publish your blabber and a comment box for me to wake you up from the heady stupidity.

Why? Because, you can perhaps put some more mind into getting into 'depths' before writing.

Nirwa Mehta said...

@ Shiv

:D Thanks!

@ Madhu

:-) Sorry, took a while to get the comment published - blogger took it to the spam folder.. (i swear, no sarcasm here :) )

So why don't you put across your point? Why take an offense to this?