Sunday, April 3, 2011

The World Champions

I am not a cricket person. In fact, when the world cup tournament started, I didn't even know the names of all the players on Indian team in the squad. I mean, I had heard of them, was just not aware of who's in and who's not. In fact, I had never heard of Ashwin. So even today, when people get into debates why Ashwin was dropped and Nehra and Munaf were selected to play against Pakistan, I wouldn't have much of an input to give.

I'm still not sure which side is called leg side and which is offside. I didn't know that when the over changes, it's not the batsmen who change sides, but the bowlers who change their positions in the entire field, and why left-handed/right-handed batsmen is a good combination. I don't know what's upper-edge or inside edge or seam or all those cricket jargons! I never played the game, and I know if ever I had to play, I would suck at it. My strike rate would probably be in negative as my hand eye co-ordination is zero. And if I were to bowl, I will bowl the widest ever.

But things changed when India played Australia and sent them packing down south. I had a wisdom tooth extraction that day, and I was so elated (or perhaps I was under the effect of painkillers and local anaesthesia which made me forget all my pains) and I screamed my lungs out. (I realised in the morning how that was not a nice decision).

I am not sure what was more exciting, India winning against Australia, in Ahmedabad, or the fact that we were now playing Pakistan in semi finals and how it would be the penultimate stop to the cup that had eluded us for 28 long years. I was not even born in 1983, too hard for me to imagine how it would be to become world champions.

When India played Pakistan and won, for a lot of us, winning that match was more important than the cup that day. We won, and we were ecstatic! In worst case scenario, had we lost the cup yesterday, the the victory against Pakistan would've provided 5 percent cushion to the loss.

The moment Dhoni hit that six, the look in his eye, the sparkle, I let out a huge scream. No one was home to high five, and I was a nervous wreck a few minutes back. And suddenly, we won. We had won the cricket world cup. Even though rest of the time we'll be cynical and talk about how we ignore the National Game of India - Hockey and how no one sport is encouraged because of the glamour of cricket, for that one moment, it was all put aside. The nation prayed for that one victory.

And there we were. The world champions. The best cricket team in the world.

When Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar came on field, all misty eyed, all the men in blue breaking into tears, I will never forget the moment. I don't know what the system is.. with respect to the t-shirt numbers, but when sachin retires from international cricket, they should retire the number. No one ever wears the number 10 in Indian cricket team.

All the articles, photographs, videos that I've been reading and seeing, make me proud every single time. I am so so so emotionally exhausted right now.

Of course, in a moment of frenzy, I did declare that I will marry Sreesanth if we win the match, I am now searching for things where I can prove that things said on twitter under tremendous emotional pressure are null and void. :D (i mean, seriously, with hair like that?)

Sigh, emotions are running high right now. I wish I could meet these men and give them all a group hug! :)

Till then, lets be very, very, proud of the fact that the cup that matters, is now home.


Ketan said...

First things first: perhaps, what you meant as "ready" in that tweet was mis-typed as 'read'. So, that tweet becomes null and void by virtue of having a typographic error. :D

Believe me, if you decide to play cricket with the same things these cricketers do, forget bowling a wide, you'll have a hard time bowling the ball with the legal action and making it reach the stumps in one bounce - yes, it is that heavy.

I sort of feel sorry that you do not know the bare essential technicalities of cricket (if you were being honest about them, unlike your tweet about willingness to marry Sreesanth :D ). Leg side is that side of the batsman that faces his back, and the off side is one towards which the chest is. :)

That is enough cricket gyaan for the day, I guess. :)

Good to know you were delighted with India's win despite not knowing much about the technicalities of the game.

Enjoyed reading this blog post. :)

Ankiet said...

Hey ,

Was reading my old blogs and remembered the only blogger friend whom I had given a bike ride in the LANES and BYLANES of Surat.Gosh ! How stupid I was !

Anywayz pleasantly surprised to read your blog again, marry SreeSanth ...? ha ha ...
Is this more worse i.e declaring that i would marry Rakhi Sawant in the heat of the moment (and then hoping as if no one heard what i just declared) !

Keep blogging,

Ankiet aka Tonu