Friday, April 1, 2011

To the one I've never met!


Friendship is a very strange term. Normally, when people mean a support system of friends, they mean the friends they've went to school or college with. The ones who've seen them grow, shared the first cigarette, and hidden their first girlfriend from. (c'mon, they did that cos they didn't want to give their friends a chance to pull their leg)

For a lot of cynics, people who they meet in the virtual world, are just yahoo! messenger friends or blogger friend or twitter buddies (depending on the time you met..), most likely to remain anonymous and do not take the 'friendship' offline. Or in other cases, they could not meet up regularly (or even once) because the live in different cities. They are not "friends" because they have a separate term, "internet friend".

For me, you are either my friend, or you are not my friend. And I am quite trusting that way. I don't take too long to open up and make you a part of my life. Despite that, I have a very small trusted circle of friends. I am "friendly", but I have few friends.

Starting today, I have decided to thank all those who have made a difference in my life. I may or may not name them, but they'll know I am talking about them when they read this. :)

So, my dear friend, thank you. Thank you for being there, not in person, but always as someone who's just a ping away. I don't know anything about you, but I still know you a lot. And you know me. You make me smile and laugh and never, ever be preachy, even when you know I am being silly.

You indulged me by putting up my mood swings and my thousands of crushes. You have seen me grow, as a person from a silly 17 year old to a sillier 25 year old. You may not have wished me on all my birthdays, but I knew, deep down that you remembered them. I know I am more than a gtalk screen name for you.

So what if we have never met? Or I've never seen you? Something tells me that the day we meet, I know I will recognise you. Even if I don't know how you look like, the moment you come in front of me, I'll know it is you.

This is just to thank you. I know I don't need to write a blog for you and you know it. But you know that if ever you need someone to talk to, you know I am there.

Friend, I love you. A lot, and thanks for being such an important part of my life.

Lots of love,

Crime Master Gogo


Shubham Gupta said...

Crime Maxter GOGO? :)

Nirwa said...

:-) yes! Hehe!

Anonymous said...

Of all the blogs i've read, this claimed the feather but for then last word. Crime master gogo? U r incorrigible.

N said...

Well, for whom it was meant, will get it! :-)

Nirwa said...

waise, who's this anonymous?

Jedi said...

Dear Gogo,

I am really overwhelmed!

Lots of praise, which I'm not sure I'm too deserving of. I could say a lot but what would be the point. Needless to say, you are a wonderful, sensitive and loving person, who deserves the best in life, nothing less.

Thanks also for putting up with an overly eccentric, bizarrely random, not always forthcoming, sometimes frustratingly so, character like me. You will always have a friend in me and count on me.


Anonymous said...


I have no other words! :-) (HUGS)