Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Divine Hug

I am not sure if I am a hug person. I mean, I do find hugs quite comforting, especially when they come at a time I am low and desperately need a shoulder to cry on. In fact, there are times when I wish there was this one person I could cling on and cry and all he would do is hold me in a big bear hug and let me cry, without asking questions.

It is that emotional moment when a hug can make you feel that everything will be all right. And even when things are not great, you know you have someone around, who's there, just in case things are falling apart.

Having said that, I don't quite like the thought of hugging every person I meet. In fact, not just hugging, I'm also not comfortable with shaking hands with random people, especially when the person doesn't give me good vibes. And yes, I am highly perceptive, and I get good/bad vibes from people, and I know I hate the person the moment he/she enters the room and has not even spoken a word. Some people might call it prejudice, but hey, just because i'm more perceptive than most of you mortals, it doesn't mean i'm prejudiced. my antennas are tuned better than yours.

Which brings me to mata amritanandmayi devi and her hugs. Now, with all due offence, i'm not a huge fan of all these self proclaimed divine beings. I'm not sure if I believe in God, though I find the concept of God quite fascinating, and I do like the idea of having a supreme being in control of us. But all these saadhus and matas who claim to be having all these divinity and healing powers, are complete bakwas, in my awesome opinion. (my opinions are not humble)

These people thrive on the gullibility of naive people who fall for the trap. One might argue that if having such people around can comfort a disturbed person and help make world a better place to live in, why should i hold it against them? Well, to begin with, it's more like playing with someone's emotions and feelings, and secondly, it is not quite helping the cause of all these superstitious beliefs that have deep roots in the country. These guys just encourage more fraud people to come up claiming divine power.

Also, I'm not sure how something as personal and emotional as a hug, be given out as prasad/ashirwad by her? I mean, all correct about hugging spreading the positivity, but dude, these divine hugs theory is just beyond me. Maybe I should hug her to see if I get divine intervention? :P Or maybe I should ask her if she has had anyone feeling her up/getting too cosy while hugging? :P :P

And if it does work, maybe I could call myself a mata and go about hugging people! Hey, i'm all for making this world a better place to be in.. !

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