Thursday, February 17, 2011

A full circle

Life comes to a full circle. Always. Well, almost always.

I have recently started to accept things as they come.. taking it all as a sign of the universe and trying to understand what the universe is trying to tell me.

Perhaps my joining Deloitte was a sign that I need to be strong emotionally and start valuing friends and relationships. Perhaps I needed to be friendless to understand the value of having a friend in the toughest of times.

I read somewhere that every person we meet serves a purpose. He is there because he is going to add some value to your life, teach you something.

I thought if that is the case, maybe we ended up losing them because we had to learn how it feels to leave someone.. perhaps to learn the pain of seeing a loved one ignore you completely.. or maybe just to make you stronger. Perhaps he left your life only because something better was stored in for you.

And then, there are times when friends re enter your lives. Recently, I have reconnected with my school friends, and I am pleasantly surprised to see how their course of life changed just when she flunked her 12th boards - and how she ended up at NID, and now working there as a faculty! How some people are just not born to take up a conventional career path.

And then today I got a facebook friends request from this strange guy I knew years ago.. he now is married and even has a daughter! I don't think I'll accept the friends request..

Sometimes.. I am not too sure if I want to get back in touch with people..

I wonder what the universe is telling me now..

At times, I wish I knew exactly what is going to happen in my life, and when... but then, naaaah! surprises are better.. :)

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