Friday, May 23, 2014

Ruskin Bond: Love among the Bookshelves

As someone who enjoys reading (I wouldn't call myself an avid reader, because I wish I read more), I am ashamed to admit I have never read Ruskin Bond. I know, I know, judge me.  But I picked up reading late.

But so what if I didn't grow up reading Bond? I can always read about what books he grew up reading, right?

Ruskin Bond's Love among the Bookshelves talks about the books he grew up reading, when he spent his childhood in India.  Here also I must admit I had not read the books he talks about.  The ones he fell in love with.  But that made reading the book more interesting. There is so much nostalgia about the books he picked up, where he picked up and the early days and how. "A week I spent in a forest rest house, in what is now the Rajaji sanctuary between Haridwar and Dehradun". 

He goes on to tell about his favourite books and how he discovered P. G. Wodehouse (here too I must admit I have never read Wodehouse and now I am keen to read - any suggestions on what I should start with are more than welcome) followed by Agatha Christie.

It has anecdotes and excerpts of the books and that makes it a delightful read.

I never thought I would enjoy reading a non-fiction, but then I wish other non-fiction books were equally interesting.

Ruskin Bond's Love among the Bookshelves is a light, breezy read - wonderful for a light weekend reading - and really, I am nowhere close to someone who should be reviewing books written by Bond. Like, really. I sat on this post for a few days before posting, mostly because I don't consider myself worthy enough to write a 'review' on Bond.

So go for it. :)

Book name: Love among the Bookshelves
MRP: Rs. 299 (hardcover)
Courtesy: Flipkart

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