Tuesday, May 1, 2012

what's my kind?

So today I've been asked what kind of guy do I get attracted to?  This made me wonder, "what's my kind?"

I have always been attracted to guys who write.  My first online crush was on this guy who wrote hilarious movie reviews on this website, mouthshut.com, back in 2004.  And then on this blogger from IIM Calcutta, who wrote incredibly hilarious blogs.  I eventually went on to become good friends with both of them, and the more familiar I got with them, I realised, I cannot hold a serious conversation with them.  It was all about Alok Nath references and Ranjeet dialogues. I quickly got over them. (also, I think one of them was gay, and there was no point in pursuing him in that case)

I have also been attracted to geeks. (do I hear you guys go d'uh!)  No, really. This one guy, sent me these winzip files everyday, where I had to guess the password to open it, and inside it were these wonderful letters he wrote.  He called it "Message in a Bottle".  It was very exciting, the whole process of waking up to an email everyday, with a hint of mystery attached to it, trying to guess the password based on the talks we've had the previous day.  Always made me smile.  There is something about the beauty of the written word that makes you fall in love with the writer.  Of course, few days later, I guessed the password of the file I was supposed to open after we meet. And rest, as they say, is history.  I haven't heard from him in 4 years, and well, I still don't know what went wrong.

I like a bit of arrogance too.  And why not? For someone who thinks Fitzwilliam Darcy was the most romantic character ever written, and swears by Pride and Prejudice, a bit of arrogance is something that is too hard to resist.  And when arrogance is coupled with a hint (or loads) of mystery, it just adds to the excitement.  Of course, when you come across such characters, chances are, they are either taken, or they *friendzone* you.  You end up being their best friend, their confidante. [i'd still fall for Darcy anyday - go watch bridget jones' diary - colin firth - he tells rene zellweger, "i like you, just as you are" - though arrogant, i think that's the most awesome line ever - i'd go weak in knees if my darcy tells that to me!]

And then there were the eccentrics.  They talk about psychology and finance with equal passion.  Oh, and they also are premier B-school grads and are strange in their own way.  Perhaps the fact that they've been overachievers all their lives have made it difficult to accept emotional failures, like love.  While they want you to confront your fears by using psychoanalysis techniques (which they have acquired after reading dozens of books), they themselves like to stay in denial and don't address their own feelings.  They will also vanish mysteriously, leaving you wondering, what went wrong.

So what exactly was about these guys that got me attracted to them at different stages in life? They were so different! Maybe it was the smile they brought on my face, or the times I laughed so hard to myself while reading some of the things they wrote, or the piercing gaze into my eyes while asking me about my fears, or the very fact that someone took efforts to do something special, like writing a letter (and password protecting it) just for me.  They all made me smile.  They all made me feel special at some point.

As I re-read this post, to bring a suitable ending to it, I don't really know what to write.  Or was there any point in writing it at all.  Maybe I just wanted to talk.  Or write.  Or hope someday, these guys read what I've written about them, and smile, because they made me smile, at some point in time.

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satish said...

but you didn't write about me?! so it was true love after all.