Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Thing I Need When I Die

I know that I am going to hell. Not because I am a bad person. I'm awesome. Just that i think heaven does not really exist. It's a myth.

It's like unicorn. I think the one who first imagined he saw a unicorn must have actually seen a rhinoceros. When he must be stoned. There is no other explanation for that.

Anyway. I'll make this post short.

I really don't mind going to hell, because i know all the fun people will be there, but hey, god, can you ensure i have unlimited high speed internet and free wifi there?



Bubblegum.... said...

Ask which network is better there! :P we will buy that one! :P

L said...

Hey Nirwa,
No heaven... no hell, either. Just "the other side". Other side of what? Don't ask me.

But I did 5 years research on past life regression and just published a mystery/thriller ebook novel. Because you are pondering this big-picture question, I want to give you a free copy. Hit my website and get the code for a free copy.

What is written in my book about past lives, reincarnation, akashic records is the truth, right? Ohhhh, it's a novel. Sorry, fiction. I thought if it was written in a book it must be the truth like the Bible, Koran, Torah or Zohar... Oh, but those are not fiction?
Ohhhh, slap me down, sister.

Get a copy and pass the link on to your friends and family. Enjoy the book and write a review for me if you like it.


Nirwa Mehta said...

@ Bubblegum


@ L

:| this is not spam?