Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Justice delayed is justice denied?

No one killed Jessica.

So a girl is shot dead because she refused a drink after the bar was closed.

Politician's son was carrying a loaded gun with him to show off, and unintentionally shot a girl because the girl dared to refuse a drink to him.

So there are a lot of things wrong with the country. Everything that happens to us everyday, we have found someone or something to put the blame on. And seeing all these things happening around, I feel that it is just so much easier to be cynical and whine about the thing that are wrong with the system and be oblivious to what happens around.

One of the easiest way out is to put the blame on media, after the corrupt politicians, that is. Somehow, all these things are inter connected.. corrupt politicians and media are like cousins in some way. And why not? We all know that journalism and media is not unbiased. The opinions given by all these so-called journalists like barkha dutt and gang are more personal in nature.. There is no objectivity in their opinions and views.

But I must say that if there is one thing the media has done any good is in the Jessica Lall Murder case. We all know the whole story and it is indeed a victory for someone when a politician's son, who has left no stone unturned to pull all the possible strings to save his son, was involved. Yes, so maybe the punishment awarded to him came some 10 years too late, and too mild for a murder.

Maybe justice is denied in some ways. One can only imagine the emotions the parents would have gone through the whole ordeal from coping up with daughter's murder to seeing the murderer get away freely to seeing helplessly how easily things can be bought in a country like India. Quite sad.

But, at the same time, it has raised hopes. Perhaps all is not lost yet. Perhaps there is a hope for justice in here for common man.

About the movie no one killed Jessica, I have to say that I did feel like going up to Shayan Munshi and slapping him hard for turning hostile. At the same time, Vidya Balan was a fool. Yes, so she is Sabrina Lall, and is a lone woman fighting with the system to get her sister's killers to justice, but honestly, she was so emotionless. She showed no anger.

And Rani Mukherjee. Someone please teach her how to act. In fact, the guy who played the role of the police officer, he was more angry at the corrupt system than either of the leading ladies.

Honestly, I wish they had shown more of investigative journalism portion of the story. Rani's Kargil coverage and all was unnecessary, I think. Tehelka had done a fantastic job on getting things moving in the case. Also, the movie doesn't quite end on a high note. It just ends. There is no feeling of "triumph" when the credits roll.

Since the movie is made for dramatic effect, why not end it with a feel good feeling that justice delayed is not necessarily justice denied!

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