Monday, May 10, 2010

Sue the Parents!

No, not my parents, though, I have been tempted to sue them for naming me Nirwa, which a lot of people pronounce wrongly, and a lot of people address me as Nirav - a guy's name, when i am but a girl, but right now, i want to sue those parents who allow their little children to be participants in these reality shows.

Now, when I was a little girl, I wanted to participate in Boogie Woogie, the dance based show on sony. I believed I was supremely talented and how I could win the show hands down. Thankfully, better sense prevailed over my parents, who knew deep down I could not dance to save my life, even if I was caught in a 'naach basanti, jab tak tere pair chalenge, iski saansein chalengi' situation. Veeru, then would've died of shock with the mere images of me dancing. I digress.

Now, had my parents been the kinds who do not see any fault in their children, and think that their kid is the bestest performer ever, need to do some reality check. I know it sounds harsh, and how kids are supposed to be innocent, but then, such shows actually kill their innocence. Being rejected on television, where their cruel school friends would see and later on make fun of. Not every child is brave enough, and c'mon, they're children, let them be!

And then, there's this Vindoo Dara Singh who's one of the judges. I would die before i let my kid judged by a giantass creep like him! And then the parents, whose children get selected for next round are all crying as if the child has won the national award of some sorts. Absolute wtfness it is.

And if anyone of my old readers are wondering why am i back with this name, well, i am back. enough of hiding my real identity. what or who was i afraid of? and why? let the gyaan be available to all! :P

And this blog, is now final.


Suresh said...

Welcome back! :)

Reshma said...

Glad to see you. Please stay :-)

Nalin Mehra said...

now from here on i am going to read full blog of urs... till date.... so excited